World No Tobacco Day

How To Quit Tobacco For Good

World No Tobacco Day

World No Tobacco Day, How To Quit Tobacco For Good, You have finally realized the perils of smoking and want to quit for good. The World No Tobacco Day 2019 will focus on the adverse impact of tobacco on people’s health. Once you have finally decided to kick the butt, you can either decide to quit abruptly or gradually. According to the World Health Organization, tobacco kills more than 7 million people each year. Over 6 million deaths are a result of direct consumption, whereas 890 000 are the result of passive smoking.

Many families in India earn their livelihood by making tobacco products like beedis and are assisted by their children in its production. Most of these children end up getting addicted to tobacco use in some form or the other. A few years ago, it was estimated that about 52 percent of men smoked, compared to 34 percent of women. Now, the empirical evidence suggests that the proportion of women smoking is equal if not higher than men.

People holding cigarettes and inhaling deadly smoke into the lungs is an everyday sight under the buildings of a corporate office. If you visit a bus stand or a railway station, it is normal to see people sitting and scouring tobacco on their palms. While people who smoke have the greatest risk of lung cancer, it can also be found in non-smokers. The risk of lung cancer increases with the length of time. On World No Tobacco Day, let’s find out the possible ways in which lung cancer can make its way into your lives.

Smoking can turn out to be a deadly addiction, affecting the lives of many. Smoking, actively or passively, claims a lot of lives every year, sometimes causing irreparable damages. As WHO celebrates World No Tobacco Day on May 31. Tobacco contains nicotine, the highly-addictive ingredient that makes you crave cigarettes. So trying to quit can cause unpleasant withdrawal symptoms.

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