Tamil Nadu woman found her Husband on TikTok

He leaves wife and kids, Had been missing for 3 years

Found Missing Husband on TikTok

Tamil Nadu woman found her Husband on TikTok, He leaves wife and kids, Had been missing for 3 years, recently found him on video-sharing. In a strange turn of events, a 'missing' man was forced to return home after his family spotted him in a Tik Tok video in Villupuram district of Tamil Nadu. In 2016, Suresh left his house in Villupuram for work and did not return, after which his wife Jayapradha had filed a police complaint.

In April, it was even momentarily banned in India. The video-sharing app has been a hit in India but had also seen a temporary ban from the Tamil Nadu government. The Madras High Court had recently ordered the state government to prohibit the download of TikTok and then lifted teh ban shortly. The app is again the talk of the town but - in a surprising turn of events for being an aid in a police case. TikTok video helps a woman find her husband who went missing 3 years back.

In 2016, Suresh, a native of Krishnagiri, in Tamil Nadu left home for work and did not return. His wife Jayapradha inquired with Suresh’s friends and relatives and when she did not get any leads, filed a police complaint. However, despite registering a FIR as a 'missing person', the case brought to developments, until now.

A few weeks back, a relative of Jayapradha spotted a man similar to Suresh in a Tik Tok video. She got in touch with Jayapradha who confirmed it was her husband. Jayapradha alerted the police who tracked down Suresh in Hosur.

On being interrogated, Suresh revealed he left home, unhappy with some developments and fled to Hosur where he settled down as a mechanic in a tractor company and got into a relationship with a trans woman.

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