Super Blood Wolf Moon, Lunar Eclipse of January 21

Date, Time, All You Need To Know

Lunar Eclipse

Super Blood Wolf Moon, Lunar Eclipse of January 21, Date, Time, All You Need To Know, This includes a total lunar eclipse. A “super moon” occurs when the moon is especially close to earth, while a “wolf moon” is the traditional name for the full moon of January. When the howling of wolves was a sound that helped define winter.

The Super Blood Wolf Moon of 2019 can be witnessed in the north-eastern part of Russia, north-western France, north-western Spain, Portugal, almost the whole of North and South America, the eastern Pacific and a small area of West Africa.

This will be the first of three supermoons this year. The upcoming supermoon will be about 357,300km away. The 19 February supermoon will be a bit closer and one in March will be the farthest. In the first phase, no real difference will appear in the moon. In the second phase, a partial eclipse will appear. About 90 minutes later, it will reach totality. The moon will give a reddish glow. The process then goes in reverse.

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