Sonali Bendre had just 30% chance of surviving cancer

Struggling To Accept Her Imperfections

Sonali Bendre

Sonali Bendre had just 30% chance of surviving cancer, Struggling To Accept Her Imperfections, here is how she reacted on hearing the news. Sonali Bendre’s struggle against cancer has been an inspiration to millions who are battling this dreaded disease. Salman Khan, Akshay Kumar, Sonali Bendre, Sonam Kapoor, Bhumi Pednekar, Mira Rajput, Malaika Arora and others shared photos on the social media accounts.

Speaking to Rajeev Masand, she said at first they weren’t told what stage of cancer she had. Subsequently, on reaching New York, it was her doctors there who told her that not only did she have Stage IV cancer, she had 30% chances of survival.

That really hit me; I just turned to Goldie and I remember saying: Thank God, you got me here’. “Everyone said, ‘Your lifestyle was never like that. How did it happen to you?’ I actually thought that it was me doing something wrong and that I have caused it. I went to a psychiatrist in New York.

Adding further, Sonali went on to say, “But he was just quiet through the whole thing and just focussed. In the day, he was organising and in the night, because New York was awake, he was again organising. So, I got him to actually crib about the whole thing on the flight. Through the flight, I cribbed. I was venting.”

After the words from the psychologist, Sonali stopped holding herself responsible. “I said I can deal with this. I don’t have to flog myself. Because I was doing that. I kept thinking what did I do wrong. I realised that we have done nothing wrong if we have got this disease,” she said.

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