Schedule of the Lok Sabha Elections 2019

2019 Lok Sabha elections will be held in 7 phases

Indian General Election

The schedule of the Lok Sabha elections 2019, the 2019 Lok Sabha elections will be held in 7 phases, in the joint press conference with Election Commissioners Ashok Lavasa and Sushil Chandra, the Chief Election Commissioner told that in the elections to be held in 543 Lok Sabha seats, this time EVM Will be used. Before this, VVPET was being used with EVM at one of the polling booths of each seat. With the help of VVPET, the voter will get the slip of his voting.

Chief Election Commissioner Sunil Arora said that all the sensitive places will be CCTV cameras and webcasting. Videography of all major events will be done. The Commission said that candidates will have to report their criminal records. Also, special supervisors have also been appointed for some states. In addition, EVM's GPS tracking will also be done in the election. The CRPF will also be deployed in sensitive areas.

Know when will you vote in your area

First phase: voting on 91 Lok Sabha

seats in 20 states voting on April 11

Andhra Pradesh -24, Arunachal Pradesh-2, Assam-5, Bihar-4, Chhattisgarh-1, Jammu-Kashmir-II, Maharashtra -7, Manipur-1, Meghalaya-2, Mizoram-1, Nagaland-1, Odisha- 4, Sikkim-1, Telangana-17, Tripura-1, UP-8, Uttarakhand-5, West Bengal-2, Andaman and Nicobar-I, Lakshadweep-I, Dadra and Nagar Haveli-1

Second phase: voting for 9 Lok Sabha seats in 13 states voting on April 18

Assam-5, Bihar-5, Chhattisgarh-3, Jammu-Kashmir-2, Karnataka-14, Maharashtra-10, Manipur-1, Odisha-5, Tamil Nadu-39, Tripura-1, Uttar Pradesh-8, West Bengal- 3, Puducherry-1

Third phase: voting for 115 Lok Sabha seats in 14 states voting  on April 23

Assam-4, Bihar-5, Chhattisgarh -7, Gujarat-26, Goa-2, Jammu and Kashmir-1, Karnataka-14, Kerala-20, Maharashtra-14, Orissa-6, UP-10, West Bengal-5 , Dadra and Nagar Haveli-1, Daman Diu-1

Fourth phase: voting for 71 Lok Sabha seats of 9 states voting on 29 April

Bihar-5, Jammu-Kashmir-1, Jharkhand-1, Madhya Pradesh-6, Maharashtra-17, Orissa-6, Rajasthan-13, UP-13, Bengal-8

Fifth phase: Voting for 51 Lok Sabha seats of 7 states on 6 May

Bihar-5, Jammu and Kashmir-2, Jharkhand-4, Madhya Pradesh -7, Rajasthan-12, Uttar Pradesh-14, West Bengal-7

Sixth phase: Voting for 59 Lok Sabha seats in 7 states, voting on May 12

Bihar-8, Haryana-10, Jharkhand-4, Madhya Pradesh-8, Uttar Pradesh-14, West Bengal-8, Delhi-NCR-7

Seventh phase: Voting in 8 Lok Sabha states in 59 seats on May 19

Bihar-8, Jharkhand-3, Madhya Pradesh-8, Punjab-13, West Bengal-9, Chandigarh-1, UP-13, Himachal-4

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