Samsung responds to Galaxy Fold screen damage

Some of the biggest smartphone fiascos over the years

Samsung Galaxy Fold

Samsung responds to Galaxy Fold screen damage, some of the biggest smartphone fiascos over the years, Samsung Galaxy Fold. Samsung has released an official statement addressing reports of display issues with the upcoming Galaxy Fold. There are two parts to the story, and unfortunately only one of those parts offers real answers.

Samsung made units available to testers on Monday, ahead of the Galaxy Fold's release to the public on April 26. However, at least four reviewers have said that their phones are having issues, including screen failure and an odd swelling making it possible that Samsung could delay the launch.

Major manufacturers have in recent years been largely updating smartphones with marginal improvements like better cameras and face scanning technology, so skepticism has been high. Samsung's foldable phone hasn't even officially hit stores, but the reviewers who have gotten their hands on the Galaxy Fold are already reporting major issues.

The Galaxy Fold’s screen failures aren’t the worst disaster for Samsung in recent memory that title still goes to the Galaxy Note 7, which Samsung ultimately had to recall entirely and cancel production due to exploding batteries. To this day, you still can’t bring a Note 7 on a commercial airplane.

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