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Ruby Rose

Ruby Rose Trailer, Batwoman Trailer, The Australian actress is breaking barriers by portraying Kate Kane in the Batwoman origin story. Ruby Rose as Batwoman is the post #MeToo superhero we’ve been waiting for. The CW has released the first teaser trailer for the forthcoming “Batwoman” series, and Rose is kicking some serious butt.

The Australian actress Ruby Rose suited up as the title character in the trailer for the forthcoming CW show “Batwoman.” The sneak peek, which dropped Thursday, gives viewers a glimpse at the lesbian superhero’s origin story and villain-crushing moves.

In the origin story-focused clip, Kane’s father, Jacob Kane, has issued his Crows Private Security firm to help restore order in the city. However, when Crows security teammate Sophie Moore—who is also Kate’s ex-girlfriend and for whom it appears she still has deep feelings—is captured, Kate is determined to step in for her missing superhero cousin to find her.

Most of the trailer is focused on Kane pre-suit, which means all the butt-kicking scenes are spent in a refitted Batman’s suit that the character finds when snooping around Wayne manor. It’s not until the end where fans finally get to see the Batwoman they all know and love with the infamous red hair.

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