Public Defender Tiffany Cabán Declares ‘Stunning’ Victory

Queens district attorney Democratic primary

Tiffany Caban and Melinda Katz

Public Defender Tiffany Cabán Declares 'Stunning' Victory, Queens district attorney Democratic primary, Too Close To Call Between Tiffany Caban And Melinda Katz. The national fight between the far left-wing and more moderate parts of the Democratic Party played out again Tuesday in Queens, where primary voters selected a new district attorney. A shocking upset by a 31-year-old public defender in a race that generated national attention as part of a push to elect more progressive prosecutors committed to criminal justice reform.

"They said I was too young," Cabán declared during her victory party. "They said I didn't look like a district attorney. They said we could not build a movement from the grassroots. They said we could not win." "But we did it, y'all," said Cabán, who is on track to become the first openly queer district attorney of Queens. “There’s a lot of thank you to be made and there’s a lot more days probably for a recount,” Katz said.

She has worked at the New York Country Defender Services and the Legal Aid Society. Cabán has “represented over a thousand indigent clients in cases ranging from turnstile jumping to homicide,” her campaign website says. The primary winner is likely to win the general election in November to succeed longtime District Attorney Richard Brown, who died in May after serving for nearly 28 years.

The Richmond Hill-born lawyer’s progressive policies include ending cash bail, closing Rikers Island and imposing shorter sentences for felonies. If elected, she wants to prosecute ICE agents and decriminalize sex work.

Board Of Elections In The City Of New York 2019 Primary

  • 33,814 votes (39.57%) - Tiffany Caban
  • 32,724 votes (38.30%) - Melinda Katz
  • 12,377 (14.49%) - Gregory L. Lasak
  • 3,310 (3.87%) - Mina Quinto Malik
  • 1,168 (1.37%) - Rory I. Lancman
  • 1,075 (1.26%) - Jose L. Nieves
  • 921 (1.08%) - Betty Lugo
  • 58 (0.07%) - Write-In

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