Popular YouTuber Desmond ‘Etika’ Amofah found dead at 29

New York After Posting A Video Expressing Suicidal Thoughts

Desmond Amofah

Popular YouTuber Desmond ‘Etika’ Amofah found dead at 29, New York After Posting A Video Expressing Suicidal Thoughts. Desmond Amofah, a popular YouTube personality known as Etika who created Nintendo-centric videos, was found dead, the New York Police Department said today. New York police found Etika’s unresponsive body in the East River on Monday evening, less than a week after he was reported missing. Police investigating the disappearance of YouTuber Etika have confirmed that they have found his body.

The body of popular Brooklyn YouTube star Etika was pulled from the East River on Monday, authorities said Tuesday. Amofah’s body was found two days after police recovered his belongings on the Manhattan Bridge. Last week, he had published a video that appeared like a suicide note. Etika had a long history of having mental health issues, and it was only 8 months ago that he was taken into custody in his Brooklyn apartment by the NYPD and committed to the psychiatric ward of a hospital.

Amofah, who amassed a massive following through his Nintendo-centric streams and videos on YouTube, has struggled publicly with mental health issues for a long period of time, but his behavior over the last 10 months concerned his fans and the overall YouTube community. Concerns about Amofah’s well-being arose after he uploaded a nearly eight-minute video on YouTube last week in which he talked about his mental health, apologized for pushing people away, and discussed the dangers of social media.

Etika's friends and fans - including other YouTubers - have been paying tribute to him on social media. The social media influencer, who had racked up hundreds of thousands of followers on YouTube, Instagram and Twitter with his video game reviews, also spoke of the dark side of internet fame.

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