No Deal Brexit unlikely to be passed Today

Theresa May's withdrawal deal defeated by 149 votes in UK Parliament


No Deal Brexit unlikely to be passed Today, Theresa May's withdrawal deal defeated by 149 votes in UK Parliament. British MPs will vote on whether or not to rule out a no-deal Brexit on Wednesday, after the Prime Minister Theresa May’s withdrawal deal was rejected by a margin of 149 in the House of Commons on Tuesday night.

The Guardian reports the vote as “Another huge defeat for May. And just 16 days until Brexit”. The paper says the prime minister pleaded, “with her voice cracked and fading”, with the House of Commons to pass the deal and that its failure to do so was “humiliating”, a “crushing new blow” and “a catastrophic defeat” for May.

In addition to that, the extension is going to be very limited because if it goes on for too long, then Britain has to fight European elections and put new European members of parliament into the European parliament! The most likely chance is that parliament will vote against the no-deal and look for a small extension.

May said after her loss Tuesday that a "no deal" remains the default unless a withdrawal agreement is ratified. Meanwhile, a spokesman for European Council President Donald Tusk said that the second rejection had "significantly increased" the risk of a damaging "no-deal" divorce, according to Reuters.

With 16 days left before the UK is due to leave the European Union, the Brexit rollercoaster lurches once again as lawmakers prepare to vote on a motion to prevent no deal. The result, a defeat by a margin of 149 votes, will be near-impossible to reverse.

The Daily Mirror focuses on the uncertainty ahead for the country, which it says has been plunged into: “Brexit delay mayhem”. “May surrenders after another massive defeat leaving nation facing months of chaos,” the paper reports.

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