New Unesco World Heritage Sites

Natural and Cultural landmarks from around the world

Jaipur City in India

New Unesco World Heritage Sites, Natural and Cultural landmarks from around the world, outstanding universal value to humanity. More than 1,000 sites around the world some cultural, some natural, some both are protected by listing. Landmarks or areas are chosen for their value to humanity.

Some 36 candidates are hoping to make it onto on the coveted list, which comes with tourism clout, nominal protections and access to extra funding. On Friday, the World Heritage Committee announced the addition of the first of this year’s batch. More sites will be named over the weekend.

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This year’s nominees include Vatnajökull National Park in Iceland, India’s Jaipur City, Grossglockner High Alpine Road in Austria and Babylon in Iraq. The only UK candidate is Jodrell Bank Observatory in Macclesfield, which hosts a number of radio telescopes.

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