Microsoft Releases Internal Windows 10

New Build includes GIF Image Search Within The Emoji Picker

Microsoft Releases Internal Windows 10

Microsoft Releases Internal Windows 10, New Build includes GIF Image Search Within The Emoji Picker, Microsoft has inadvertently leaked what appears to be a newly redesigned Start menu for Windows 10. The design was accidentally shared with the Insider Program from where prying eyes have posted it on the internet for everyone to look.

Microsoft’s Start menu machinations have been a bone of contention for years. Starting in Windows 8, the company tried to modernize the OS by removing the button. It also changed the menu to a full-screen UI that made more sense for touch screens than desktops. Microsoft was forced to backtrack in newer builds, but the current start menu still retains some of the Windows 8 “live tiles.”

Windows 10 build 18947, which hasn’t passed internal validation to be pushed to insiders, was shipped via Windows Update to all rings in Microsoft’s testing program.

While originally it looked like the release targeted 32-bit systems only, users on reddit claim they received the same surprising build on 64-bit machines as well.

Since January we’ve heard word that Windows Lite will adopt such a design, with a more minimalistic approach to compete with Google’s ChromeOS, and while this isn’t an official announcement from Microsoft, it could be indicative of the stylistic direction the company will take.

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