Michael Jackson’s last day

A sleepless night, dangerous drugs

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson’s last day, A sleepless night, dangerous drugs, Tributes Pour in for Michael Jackson on 10th Anniversary of His Death. Michael Jackson was not just the King of Pop, he was a worldwide force of nature who existed in a time and space where celebrity was of a greater magnitude and mystique. It's been 10 years since Jackson died and his legacy, reinvigorated in the wake of his demise, is once again being challenged as fans and critics alike grapple with conflicting feelings about the late superstar.

Tre Johnson, who writes about race, class and culture for Rolling Stone, said that Michael Jackson was not only the soundtrack of his childhood but the centerpiece of one of his fondest childhood memories: a Michael Jackson concert with his mother.  "A decade later, Michael Jackson is still with us, his influence embedded in dance, fashion, art and music of the moment. The life of Michael Jackson was already complicated, but 10 years after his death, the pop star’s legacy has become even more controversial.

Through the night and morning, Jackson receives a series of drugs meant to help him sleep, officials would later say. Murray, officials said, gave him those powerful drugs. Jackson is found unresponsive later. Even if you don't believe the men's accusations, the stories of Jackson's isolated existence and childlike demeanor stoke a sense of disturbing sadness. Ten years may not be enough time yet to work this out, what with Jackson fans and critics occupying hostile camps and lobbing toxic tweets at each other.

For Johnson, it's too difficult to separate the music from the man, which is why he doesn't listen to his music anymore though he doesn't necessarily begrudge others who do. Mourners began to gather early Tuesday and placed elaborate flower arrangements and poster-sized pictures of Jackson, some featuring signed messages from dozens of fans, outside his mausoleum at Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Glendale, California.

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