Mason Ramsey’s Verse On The “Old Town Road”

Remix Is The Only Thing You Need To Hear Today

Mason Ramsey

Mason Ramsey's Verse On The "Old Town Road", Remix Is The Only Thing You Need To Hear Today, Young Thug, and animojis. You've got to hand it to Lil Nas X, who's found a way to squeeze more life out of his smash hit "Old Town Road." He's released another remix. This one has Billy Ray Cyrus but also throws Young Thug and viral superstar and young yodeler Mason Ramsey into the stew.

The original track, which features Billy Ray Cyrus, recently earned Diamond status and has been at Number One on the Billboard Hot 100 for 14 consecutive weeks. The track is also currently Number One on Rolling Stone’s Top 100 chart. The pair’s music video for the song, which dropped in May, has built up more than 200 million views. Cyrus recently joined Lil Nas X onstage at Glastonbury to perform “Old Town Road” alongside his daughter Miley.

The new version of "Old Town Road" puts 12-year-old viral star Ramsey in the mix, and the animated lyric video is appropriate, even if some of the lyrics are more PG-13. The video finds all four artists as Apple animoji characters from their latest iPhone models, and Ramsey gets his moment to shine late in the song, singing about riding his scooter.

Both artists on the remix have a history in country music. Thugger, as you should know, was doing country-trap crossovers before Lil Nas X (in fact, Lil Nas X has even credited Young Thug’s work as an influence) with his album  and particularly the song “Family Don’t Matter”, which features the familiar “yeehaw” hook that Young Thug brings to this new remix. Mason Ramsey, meanwhile, is best known as the viral Walmart yodeling kid.


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