Karnataka political crisis

Congress MLA Resign and Move to BJP

Karnataka political crisis

Karnataka political crisis, Congress MLA Resign and Move to BJP, Amid the ongoing Karnataka crisis, Assembly Speaker KR Ramesh Kumar is expected to take the decision on resignations of the rebel 13 MLAs. His decision will decide the fate of the JD(S)-Congress coalition government in the state.

All eyes are set on Legislative Assembly Speaker K.R. Ramesh Kumar as he returns to office on Tuesday and takes a call on the resignations submitted by the 13 MLAs last week. His decision will play a key role in how the fiasco over the government pans out.

Thirteen of them belong to the ruling Congress and the Janata Dal Secular. Earlier on Monday, another Independent, made minister a month ago, resigned and came out in support of the BJP, giving it a narrow edge in the assembly. Congress's Roshan Baig, who was suspended last month for "anti-party activities" too says he will quit the Congress and join the BJP.

After the May 2018 elections to the 225-member assembly (one is nominated), the Congress had 78 MLAs, the JD(S) 37 and the BJP 105. The Congress-JD(S) also had the support of the nominated MLA, an MLA each from the Bahujan Samaj Party and the KPJP, and one Independent. In effect, the ruling coalition had 119 MLAs, in an assembly where the halfway mark was 113.

Karnataka's year-old Congress-Janata Dal coalition government is on life support after yet another Independent lawmaker quit and pledged support to the BJP, taking the total number of resignations since last week to 15. Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy, who cut short a private visit to the US and returned to handle the crisis, said all Congress and JDS minsters have resigned and a cabinet reshuffle will happen soon. The idea is to make room for rebels who might be persuaded to return. The BJP has denied any role in the crisis but sources say it is getting ready to strike.

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