International Yoga Day 2019

History of Celebration World Yoga Day tomorrow @ 21st June 2019

International Yoga Day 2019

International Yoga Day 2019, History of Celebration, Preparations in full swing to celebrate International Yoga Day tomorrow @ 21st June 2019. Ranchi has been chosen to organize the main event which will be led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Over 30 thousand people are expected to participate in the main event which will be attended by several state dignitaries, besides the Yoga Organizations and Yoga Gurus.

For the past five years, the International Day of Yoga is celebrated annually on June 21 to raise global awareness about the benefits of the ancient Indian practice. On December 11, 2014, the United Nations General Assembly declared June 21 as ‘International Day of Yoga’, months after Prime Minister Narendra Modi had proposed the idea.

Several studies conducted over the years suggest that while Yoga may not cure cancer, it certainly helps patients cope better with fatigue, insomnia and other related side-effects as a result of treatment. A 2013 review of studies published by Elsevier Inc concluded that “yoga interventions may be beneficial for reducing cancer-related fatigue in women with breast cancer.”

The resolution on ‘International Day of Yoga’ was introduced by India’s Ambassador to UN Asoke Mukerji and saw 177 nations joining as co-sponsors, the highest number ever for any General Assembly resolution.

We are introduce some Steps To Keep In Mind Before, During And After Yoga Practice. Follow steps as define under.

Steps Before The Yoga Practice

  • Yoga practice should be done in a calm atmosphere with a relaxed body and mind.
  • Cleanliness is an important requirement for Yogic practice. It includes cleanliness of surroundings, body and mind.
  • Yoga should be done on an empty stomach or light stomach. Consume small amount of honey in lukewarm water if you feel weak.
  • Ensure that your bladder and bowels are empty before starting yoga.
  • Keep a mattress, yoga mat, durries or folded blanket handy before starting the yoga practice.
  • Wear light and comfortable cotton clothes to facilitate easy movement of the body.
  • In case of illness, pain, cardiac problems, a physician or a yoga therapist should be consulted.
  • Yoga experts should also be consulted before doing Yogic practices during pregnancy and menstruation.

Steps During The Yoga Practice

  • Start the yoga practice s with a prayer or an invocation as to create a conducive environment to relax the mind.
  • Perform yoga asanas slowly, in a relaxed manner, with awareness of the body and breath.
  • Do not hold the breath unless it is specially mentioned to do so during the practice.
  • Breathing should be always through the nostrils unless instructed otherwise.
  • Do not hold the body tightly, or jerk the body at any point of time.
  • It takes some time to get good results, so persistent and regular practice is very essential.
  • There are contra-indications/ limitations for each Yoga practice and such contra-indications should always be kept in mind.
  • Yoga session should end with meditation, deep silence, Shanti Path.

Steps After Yoga Practice

  • Take a bath only after 20-30 minutes of yoga practice.
  • Food should be consumed only after 20-30 minutes of practice.

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