India’s Oldest Youtuber Chef Granny Dies At 107

Indias Oldest WomenIndias Oldest Women

No matter that she was more than 100 years old, suffered
from cataracts, wore dentures, cooked outside on an open fire and sometimes
roasted chicken inside a steaming watermelon. That was all part of the charm.

India’s Oldest Youtuber Chef Granny named Mastanamma Dies At
107, who became an Internet sensation due to her cooking skills has died. Her
You Tube channel, Country foods uploaded videos of her cooking which consisted
of local and unusual dishes made from scratch.

The channel, managed by her grandson and his friend,
launched in 2016 and became an instant hit. On social media, she was dubbed the
grandmother with a toothless smile and best known for making the combination of
watermelon and chicken go viral. Fans from all over the world sent in their

On Sunday, Mastanamma’s family and friends announced, she
died at age 107. “MISS YOU GRANNY,” the moderators of her YouTube channel,
Country Foods, wrote. Mr. Reddy described her as one of a kind.

Born in a rural village in the southern Indian state of
Andhra Pradesh, Karre Mastanamma married at 11 years old. By the time she was
22, her husband was dead. With no education, she was left to care for their
five children.

In 2016, her great-grandson, Karre Laxman, and Mr. Reddy, afriend, started filming the videos of her cooking and posting them on CountryFoods. “She never liked leaving that hut,” Mr. Reddy said. “Ever.”

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