IBM India fires 300 employees from services division

Reinventing itself, says IBM on reports

IBM India

IBM India fires 300 employees from services division, Reinventing itself, says IBM on reports, Most of employees were in the software services. This is a part of IBM’s strategy to focus on emerging technology capabilities and reduce exposure to traditional services. Tech behemoth IBM India has reportedly fired nearly 300 employees from its services division as it looks to "re-invent" its operations and fulfill the changing demand of the customers.

The IT sector has been witnessing the change from some of the traditional technologies to the latest ones. The demand side from the customers’ end has been of this nature and companies have to adapt themselves to suit the needs of the consumers of their technology. IBM is trying to play down this move to reduce the headcount in its software services division as being part of it looking to reinvent its Indian operations.

This in accordance with IBM’s strategy to re-invent itself to better meet the changing requirements of our business and to pioneer new high-value services. And we remain committed to being an essential part of India’s growth, an IBM official told the financial daily. The IBM sackings come after media reported sackings of about 600 ‘older’ employees from another US tech major, Cognizant.

Our ability to do this is why we are the only tech company that has not only survived but thrived for more than 100 years, IBM spokesperson Edward Barbini had said. IBM had said in a statement that "We are proud of our company and our employees' ability to reinvent themselves era after era, while always complying with the law. Industry sources, however, told IANS that the number may not be that big and is in the "low triple-digit" range.

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