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Holi Rituals, Rituals in Holi, The emphasis is on ‘ Holika dahan’ or lighting up of Holi on the eve of Holi. The origin of the Holi bonfire is attributed to the burning of demonesses like Holika and Putana . In places like ‘ Holika dahan’ is also known as ‘Samvatsar Dahan’ . The concept of Samvatsar New Year varies in different provinces of our country.

Holi is a Hindu spring festival in India also known as the “festival of colours” or the “festival of love”. after Holika Dahan (burning of Holika) people. Hindu spring festival celebrated throughout North India on the full-moon day of Phalguna. Originally Holi was a spring festival which was celebrated for good harvest and fertility of the land. Every year thousands of people participate in the festival from all over India and also in many parts of the world.

The social significance of Holi is seen in the form of the message of unity and brotherhood, it delivers. As per the custom and tradition, people pay visits to their friends and relatives, to give them wishes as well as to strengthen their bonds. The festival brings the nation together, as it is not just celebrated by Hindus but, also by the Sikhs, Christians, Jains as well. The festival is unique, as it does not discriminate against any section of the society and treats everyone equally. The social fabric and secular character of the society is strengthened, since people work on building cordial relations, forgiving their hard feelings for others.

Harmful chemical colors are the perils of Holi, the Hindu Festival of Colors. Have you ever wondered how to make the festival of colors natural and healthy for our environment and ourselves? Did you know that Holi can be fun and harmless if you play with environment-friendly natural colors? These are not only cheap but can also be made easily at home.

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