Google doodle celebrated Steve Irwin Birthday

Australian crocodile specializes in catching

Steve Irwin

Google doodle celebrated Steve Irwin’s birthday, specializing in capturing Australian crocodiles, channels such as Discovery, National Geographic, and Animal Planet were often seen. He was also called by the name of Crocodile Hunter. It was on Essendon in Australia on February 22, 1962. Steve Irwin was an environmentalist, he was very fond of wildlife.

His death took place during the shooting of the sea, easily stealing the big crocodiles, a poisonous fish called Stingray bitten. This accident happened in the Great Barrier Reef area in Queensland, Australia.

Steve built a park of creeping creatures in Queensland, which later became a Queensland Zoo. He made a lot of contribution to popularize Australia in foreign countries. He has shown his elevation in many programs in channels like Discovery, National Geographic and Animal Planet. Steve Irwin was very fond of him, along with his wife and children, he also learned his advances.

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