Genoa’s collapsed Morandi bridge blown up

Morandi bridge towers demolished in Genoa

Morandi Bridge Collapsed

Genoa's collapsed Morandi bridge blown up, Morandi bridge towers demolished in Genoa, Killing 43, Are Demolished. The two remaining towers of a highway bridge in central Genoa that collapsed last year, killing 43 people, were demolished on Friday, clearing the city’s skyline of a grim landmark and preparing for the reconstruction of a vital urban transport link.

Thousands of people were evacuated ahead of explosions to bring down two large towers consisting of about 4,500 tonnes of concrete and steel. Nearly 4,000 residents had been evacuated ahead of the demolition, and water tanks were placed around the towers to prevent the spread of dust. Some 400 security forces were also deployed to the area.

The bridge "is high, it is big, it is full of iron, it is super heavy. I don't know what will happen when it falls. Apart from the dust it will cause, I am worried about the impact," local resident Francesco Russo told AFP TV.

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