Game Over Movie Review

Box Office Collection battle between Taapsee Pannu

Game Over Movie Review

Game Over Movie Review, Box Office Collection battle between Taapsee Pannu and Chris Hemsworth, excellent in kickass psychological thriller. Game Over was simultaneously shot in Telugu and Tamil. A Hindi dubbed version has also been released. This is a review of the Hindi version. Taapsee Pannu’s Game Over is a multi-layered and concept-oriented film that has its heart at the right place. With a screenplay that offers many thrills, Game Over is a must-watch this summer.

However, the delay in the film’s release meant that every conversation with Ashwin inevitably veered to that subject. The filmmaker admits it was tough to come out of it. The spark for Game Over’s story came from the image of a woman in a wheelchair.

Film Trade Analyst and Critic, Sumit Kadel told Zee Business Online, ”Game over may get a decent collection of Rs 1.8 crore to Rs 2 crore. While MIB may earn Rs 10 crore to Rs 12 crore. On the other hand, MIB International is fourth installment from the big franchise but featuring Chris Hemsworth for the first time.

The movie stands out for its mature treatment of mental health and trauma. The effects of PTSD are very severe, and the film shows a palatable version of it. But Sapna’s constant panic attacks, her depression, anxiety and suicidal tendencies are shown with the right amount of sensitivity.

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