Elizabeth Olsen uses placenta serum on her face

Skincare Secret Is a Placenta Serum

Elizabeth Olsen

Elizabeth Olsen uses placenta serum on her face, Skincare Secret Is a Placenta Serum, Actress Elizabeth Olsen uses on her skin. Elizabeth Olsen has opened up about the daily beauty ritual she swears by from the French luxury brand Biologique Recherche's "placenta serum" and how it instantly cured her "weird chin issue".

“Then I went to my refrigerator, where I have the placenta serum from the line, and put that on, thinking it would heal my chin. It’s one of those water-based serums, and it absorbs immediately. It sounds crazy, but Biologique Recherche works.”

She added to Page Six: "A friend told me about Yonat Zilberg, a facialist in the Valley, and she uses Biologique Recherche. She completely changed my skin. I find it hilarious now when a friend will ask in a whisper voice, 'Did you try a little Botox?' No, I have a very expressive face. But I use P50!"

Now, thanks to her beloved placenta serum as well as Biologique Recherche’s legendary P50 exfoliant and other products, Olsen said her friends ask if she’s had Botox (she hasn’t).

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