City on a Hill Movie Review

A Crime-Ridden Boston Before the ‘Miracle’

City on a Hill

City on a Hill Movie Review, A Crime-Ridden Boston Before the ‘Miracle’, A Gritty Blend Of Cop, Political, & Family Drama Movie. Take a look at our review for ‘City on a Hill’, the new Showtime series set in 1990’s Boston pitting a dogged prosecutor and a corrupt FBI agent against a gang of armored truck robbers. The new Showtime series sets a procedural against the backdrop of a particularly fraught era in the city’s history.

More than 20 years after jumpstarting their careers with a working-class Boston movie called “Good Will Hunting,” executive producers Ben Affleck and Matt Damon have added another entry to the Boston on-screen universe with the Showtime series “City on a Hill.” At first glance, Showtime’s new drama City on a Hill looks as if it could have been conceived by someone particularly taken with Ben Affleck’s 2010 Boston-set crime drama The Town.

What City on a Hill lacks is much of a reason to exist at this particular moment in time. Showtime’s new series, with an impressive cast led by Kevin Bacon, wraps race, crime, city government and family melodrama in a “Wire”-like package. In 1989, a man named Chuck Stuart and his wife were accosted and shot on their way home in an apparent carjacking. Not all TV needs to have a point, of course; pure entertainment is more than enough reason for something to exist.

Parts of “City on a Hill” were filmed in Boston, but the show’s production was primarily based in New York, so viewers may have a fun time trying to figure out which is which. What with its brotherhood of violent Beantown criminals doing battle not only with the FBI, but eventually among themselves, the two seemingly share some sort of DNA. Fair or not, “The Wire” and Baltimore are the obvious analogues for “City on a Hill” and Boston.

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