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Boomerang Review, Atharvaa’s action thriller Movie, This subject needs a bigger star, An action thriller also starring Megha Akash, Indhuja and RJ Balaji. The film’s story comes with a message and a nice punch at the very end that justifies its title. The first 10 minutes of Boomerang surprisingly hits you hard. Shiva (Atharvaa) has met with a fire accident and his face is burnt. While the film’s story is, in parts, quite unimaginative, it clings to two medical facts – it is possible to transplant a human face and excessive adrenaline can prove fatal.

The Boomerang review

The film’s story is, in parts, quite unimaginative with underwritten female characters. With his ‘new’ face, Shiva has to deal with all the battles that the person whose face he now possesses. It kept imagining the possibilities of Vijay, Ajith or Suriya in such a storyline. Atharvaa is earnest, but the distractions in what could have been a straight solid storyline are just too many in Boomerang.

Soon after Shiva’s fire accident and the first fifteen minutes are almost funereal. There is a sudden tonal shift post the face transplant and we have everyone in Shiva’s family and his friend making light of him getting used to his new face. The film begins with a young football player (Shiva played by Atharvaa, but with a disfigured face) being rolled into a hospital with severe burn injuries to his face. A news reporter even wonders if the accident was the doing of “evil spirits”. This is all we know and all we will ever get to know about Shiva and his unfortunate freaky tragedy, which is quite disappointing.

The interval arrives in no time, which works great for the film. From the second half, the film has ‘Kaththi’ written all over it. In Vijay’s Kaththi, a doppelganger solves the problem of a social activist with his wit and muscle. But while there were engaging ‘pinches’ in AR Murugadoss’s film, Kannan fails in that account. The writing of Boomerang is just basic. There is not even a moment of surprise except for the climax, which is rather crisp.

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