Annabelle Comes Home Review

Critics divided on new Conjuring film

Annabelle Comes Home Review

Annabelle Comes Home Review, Critics divided on new Conjuring film, a horror film that respects its audience, should have stayed away. Set in 1973, amid a forest of shag carpeting, “Annabelle Comes Home”is a nice little summer surprise, and quite unexpectedly the freshest of the three “Annabelle” movies spun off from the larger “Conjuring” galaxy of horror films. She is not possessed by an evil spirit. Rather, she is a powerful, cursed object that attracts evil spirits.

If you’re looking for a fanboy review to rank “Annabelle Comes Home” in its rightful place among the “Conjuring Universe” movies, I have some pithy advice any horror buff should understand: GET OUT. Dauberman has penned the scripts for all three “Annabelle” movies, as well as screenplays for “The Nun” and the 2017 reboot of “It.” He is an obvious choice to take on “Annabelle Comes Home,” which dives deep into the case history of paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren (Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga) through an ingenious conceit.

Unfolding in a single night, writer-director Gary Dauberman’s directorial feature debut can be accused of delivering the same sort of slow-burn, medium-grade jolts in heavy rotation. All this is made clear in the first minute of “Annabelle Comes Home,” the latest in the “Conjuring” series. Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson start the film off as Lorraine and Ed Warren, based on the real-life demonologists of the same name.

First of all, can you really call this a cinematic universe? “The Conjuring” (from 2013) has now spawned six sequels, spinoffs and spinoff sequels. While Ed and Lorraine head out on assignment, their daughter, Judy (Mckenna Grace), remains at home with her babysitter, Mary Ellen (Madison Iseman), whose meddling friend Daniela (Katie Sarife) makes her way into the room of cursed and haunted objects the Warrens keep under lock and key.

Things go bump in the night frequently in “The Conjuring” universe, namely thanks to folks like the Crooked Man, the Nun and that creepy Annabelle – and, unfortunately for the ghostbusting couple at the heart of the movie series, they’re all hauntingly connected.

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