7 Year Old Ryan Becomes Highest Paid Youtuber


7 Year Old Ryan Becomes Highest Paid Youtuber, With Earnings
of 22Million Dollars, this year and was named Forbes' highest-paid YouTube
star. Forbes' list of 'Highest-Paid YouTube Stars 2018' is topped by Ryan of
'Ryan Toy Review' who makes his millions by reviewing everything from toys, cars,
legos, through simple home-made videos that are then uploaded by his parents on
the youtube channel.

The boy's parents began documenting his toy reviews in March
2015, and have now amassed more than 17 million subscribers. While Ryan's
follower base isn't as large as some of the other top YouTube stars, his
growing influence on the toy industry helped double the family's earnings from

Ryan’s parents were happy to talk about his successful
business during the interview, but their rep told reporters that they try to
keep their child away from the spotlight as much as they can — after all, he’s
only seven! Watch Ryan youtube channel Ryan ToysReview.

Ryan surpassed a number of well-known YouTubers on this
year's list, beating 21-year-old actor and YouTube personality Jake Paul who
earned $22,500,000 this year. Those who make online videos on YouTube know that
channels don't become popular overnight as often depicted in Hindi cinema.

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